About Us


CORRIV STREAM is what's up! This is a place where you can add journal entries, videos, audio, links and photos to your stream. Seriously, we made posting to your stream super–easy. You can tell stories and all types of stuff! And guess what else? Your feed updates when you add a new avatar or a cover photo to your profile. If you're the type of person that's crazy–busy all the time, then you can just post a new avatar or a cover photo as many times as you want and your stream is automatically added to in order to show off your new work. Check this out tho... You can switch the site's theme back and forth from Day or Night mode, or even become stealth with a private profile that only allows followers that you approve of to be able to view your stream. We keep your streams private to logged in users only. That means that no one can just spy on your account anymore.


CORRIV CHANGES happen once in a while. Won't be often, however, sometimes we like to upgrade in order to bring you the best new features as quickly as we possibly can. We listen to feedback as well, so be sure you contact our admin. (You must be logged in to contact the Admin) – Our latest changes include upgrades to the file upload process showing a progress bar, bug fixes to night/day theme–switching, fixed login bugs, fixed registration bugs, fixed CSS, added settings option directly to profile, added phone number and link display capabilities directly onto the profile. Added biography and introduction sections to the profile display, plus many more other upgraded goodies to check out. The way everything works will stay the same, although, you might see additional features popping up. You can always check back here for a list of new features. Some of the upgrades that we're currently working on are... allowing you the option to have a public profile, logged in members profile, or a stealth profile– Popup post reaction emojis– Site templates– Edit comments– Replace file– edit post text– Update post link– Direct links to post– Profile embed widgets– and lost more stuff! What are you waiting for? Get in there and get registered.


CORRIV TECHNOLOGY is a development firm. We've come a long way since this all began, however, I'll spare you the trying–details. What you see here today has been a long time in the making and we are finally happy to be able to say Welcome to Corriv, and finally mean every word. We've searched far and wide for only the best developers, and now we have them! Get ready for an awesome time!


CHANCE TRAHAN – Company Founder, Developer, Designer.

MUSTAFA OZTURK – Script Creator, Developer, Designer.