Privacy And Policies

Who we are?

CORRIV is administered by Chance Trahan. If any contact about our company need be made, please start out by emailing Chance. Email:

What information do we collect?

The only times we collect information would be in order to set up your profile. The only handling we do of this data is to ensure that this data remains intact to our best ability. To ensure that this data remains intact, we may make database backups, but any and all of your information used in this backup is never sold to third parties. We strive to protect your data the best that we can and will take any preventive measures that we can to make sure that your data is safe with us. We do not ask for much information from you in order to setup a profile, so the compromisation of your personal data is far–less because of this.

If for any reason your information is ever compromised, you can count on us to pursue criminal conviction to protect you from any further abuse of your data.

How do we use personal information?

We will never ask for any personal information from you. We never serve you advertisements, so you don't have to worry about your data being used to serve you advertisements. We do not work on an algorithm, so your data is served to you on a normal time-based feed, and you won't have to worry about your choices or data following you around on our social network, or anywhere online for that matter, and if your choices here on this site follow you around via google, facebook, twitter, etc., etc., then we will pursue criminal conviction for cloaked thrid–party abuse and mistrust of your data. What can we say? Your data is precious & we value your trust!

What legal basis do we have for processing your personal data?

Your participation on CORRIV is consent to process your data as described above, in other words, you are only agreeing to have your data backed up in case we move servers, or have to perform site maintenance, and you understand that this data is not abused, and will be protected during this process, and that your data is not mined nor sold to any other entities, and that your use here is only tracked to display stats on your profile(Profile Avatar and Cover Photo updates in your feed). In other words, we do not track nor sell, nor compromise any data shared here, and will only take backups of your data for site maintenance. Your info is never tampered with.

When you use CORRIV, everyone is safe from our company ever selling, stealing or mining your data.

We only process data for login and logout capabilities, and profile display information, which you are in total control over. We only remove data that would break general–laws. We do not tolerate porn at all. No nudity unless you have a private profile. You can post revealing content in private profiles, and you can charge for access to this content, however, you must have a private profile. If you have a private profile and you are breaking laws, your content will still be removed. You can still have your content that does not break the law, you can still have your profile, but you cannot have data posted that is clearly breaking the law. We are more lenient as to what you can and can't post, but if our host comes to us with complaints, we will have to comply with their requests. We will defend your content, but if your content clearly breaks the law, then we are sorry to inform you that we cannot and won't host the data any longer. As we have stated, you may still have a profile, but spam and porn are automatic account bans.

Use of cookies and other technologies?

Cookies are only used and stored for logging in and logging out and other general uses of the site, is not tracked, and is not processed nor stored in any other way than to display general site use. We do not process data in any way other than what our website calls for. We do not make any calls for data other than profile info, posts, and login info. We do not process any of this data, nor sell this data in any sort of way. Your cookies are safe with us!

We do not take responsibility for what someone may or may not post on our website. We will remove any and all account data, posts, and uploads that breaks the law, but we do not take any legal responsilibity of how they use the site. We will take measures in order to prevent abuse, but we are maintaining true transparency and allowing creativity. However, we repeat that we do not tolerate blatant law beaking.

Thank you for your interest in CORRIV!

We are a web development tech firm out of Alaska and are working on our policies as we grow. Stay tuned for more info as we expand.